Ordering Information & FAQ

When placing your order please make sure that you allow THREE working days for delivery. Please note that we do not deliver on either Saturday or Sunday. Below are our delivery guidelines.
ORDER DAY (BEFORE 11AM)                                      DELIVERY DAY
MONDAY                                                                         WEDNESDAY
TUESDAY                                                                         THURSDAY
WEDNESDAY                                                                   FRIDAY
THURSDAY                                                                      MONDAY
FRIDAY                                                                             TUESDAY

ORDER DAY (AFTER 11AM)                                       DELIVERY DAY
MONDAY                                                                        THURSDAY
TUESDAY                                                                        FRIDAY
WEDNESDAY                                                                  MONDAY
THURSDAY                                                                     TUESDAY
FRIDAY                                                                            WEDNESDAY

Delivery FAQ's 

Q: Will my purchase be affected in the event of Royal Mail Postal Strikes?
A: Our pet food deliveries are unaffected by the Royal Mail Postal Strikes as our product deliveries are made by a courier. However there may be some delay to the arrival of samples or invoices as these are sent via Royal Mail.

Q: What happens if my delivery is damaged or items are missing?
A: If your delivery is damaged in any way or items are missing then this needs to be reported to Arden Grange head office on 01273 833390 within 3 working days from the date of delivery, any longer than this will result in your claim being rejected. Unfortunately if you request that the delivery is left without a signature then we cannot be held responsible for any damages or shortages.

Q: What do I do if I have placed an order over the web and I would like to change it?
A: Once your order has been placed, unfortunately this cannot be changed. If you have any questions regarding our foods or your order, please phone the office on 01273 833390 before proceeding to the checkout.

Q: What do I do if I have run out of food and would like to fast track my order?
A: Regrettably we cannot upgrade any orders to a weekend or next day delivery. Alternatively please visit the stockist finder on our website for retailers in your local area which will be able to help.
Q: What is the delivery charge on my order?
A: All deliveries are charged at a flat rate of £4.09 per order. This is up to 12 bags of food. If you order exceeds this, please contact the office on 01273 833390.
Q: I live outside of the Mainland UK in the Scottish Highlands or abroad, how can I obtain Arden Grange foods?
A: Due to restrictions of our courier company, we are unable to deliver via mail order to these areas. Please contact the office on 01273 833390 for further information.
Q: What happens if I don't receive my order within three working days?
A: If this is the case, please contact the Arden Grange Distribution team on 01273 833390. Please ensure that you phone the Distribution team on the third day as this would allow our team to locate your order and deal with your request.
Q: What happens if I don't leave any 'leave instructions'?
A: If you do not leave any delivery instructions for us, our courier will leave a card for you to contact them directly to rearrange an alternative delivery day.

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